I am working on allowing urges and correcting thought errors for myself. I am confused on what my steps would be. For example:

If I walk in my kitchen to make tea and see food that is not part of my protocol and think “oh that looks good” and then think to myself… “I am not the type of person that buffers my feelings with food”, “that is not part of my protocol” and continue to make tea is that still distracting?

If that is still distracting then would it be better to think the same thoughts but then make my tea and take a few breaths and process that emotion with the questions “where do I feel the emotion? What color? Shape? Etc.”

Tonight I’m upset with myself because I usually have no problem not eating sweet treats when I’m with others. What has worked for me in the past is just repeating over and over different reasons why I don’t want to eat the sweet treats and eventually the urge passes. Tonight I didn’t even do that and ended up eating sweets quickly and then blamed it on confusion. Later though when I wanted a second helping I did tell myself how the food will make me feel crappy so don’t eat it and I didn’t eat more. So I feel like that works for me and shouldn’t change it. But Is that wrong?