Confused about friends words

I met a friend I haven’t seen in 6 years. It was a bit like she was avoiding me and finally very late at night while she was quite drunk, she started making a requisitory about the past. I was quite excited.

About me stealing her boyfriend then letting her sleep in the street when I knew she had no house and was suffering from sexual prejudices. I have none of the memories she has, and sometimes her arguments are confused and contradictory.

The next morning I decided to leave before seeing her. I don’t know if I am in shock, brokenhearted, confused… For now, I just said that if it is how she felt, it is horrible but that she has to réalise that it is her memories and that I have none of that.

As for now, I don’t know what to do and even how to make a model… I think about actions to make: calling, writing, discussing with other friends the situation, or just letting go; maybe I am horrible and need to work on my relationships?

How to start thinking about the problem?