Confused about Relationship Module

It asks me to judge everything about a person in my life, and then notice how those judgments are possibly also of me.

I don’t see how the vast majority of these apply to me, and I’d like to.

For example:

I’m not sure how smart he is – I know I am smart, I’m concerned I’m too smart for him
I don’t like his hairstyle – I guess I don’t currently LOVE my hair but it’s pretty nice
Our sex isn’t good and he thinks it is – no clue how this turns around to me
He lacks depth – I can see that in this intentionally shallow exercise that I lack depth, but I don’t usually
He’s going to hold me back – no clue how this applies to me
He has never traveled anywhere – I have traveled a lot
He is way too sentimental and corny – I definitely am not
He doesn’t really understand me – fair, I don’t understand myself sometimes
He talks about the same things all the time – yeah, I do this
He is trying too hard to make me like him – I’m not trying very hard
I wish he had a relationship with his family – I wish mine were better but it’s not bad

So, I feel like I don’t know what to do with these judgments. Now I just feel like an asshole for having them even though I don’t see how they apply to me.

I know that when I say I’m confused, I don’t see how these things COULD apply to me.

If I ask myself to get curious about HOW they could, I don’t really get a lot of great info.

Any suggestions here?