Confused between feeling like doing something and making ourselves feel like doing it.

I’ve come to a place where I have the luxury to just do whatever I feel like doing (most of the time), and the times I don’t really feel like doing, I can choose to not do it or wait for the time I do feel like doing it.

My question is, I feel like when I feel like doing something, it seems to start from the body. Oh, I feel like doing the dishes or working on the LCS stuff or reading this book today. I enjoy them all but I just feel like doing different things at a different part of the day.

Does our feeling like doing something stem from a thought? I feel like they usually originate from my body. There are moments when I have a deadline and my thought would go into needing to finish and do it, even though I don’t feel like doing it.

Hope my confusion or thoughts make sense. 🙂