Hi, I am going through the How to Feel Better program because it seems like the key to me and covers so much ground. When it came to indulgent feelings, my key one was Fear. Could I go a day/week/month without this feeling, that is so debilitating? Yes I think so (or at least for a day). but how does this fit into the idea of sitting with feelings, feeling them fully? I have fear about career, failure, all of that. I’d like to change the thoughts that lead to this feeling, so it plays a far more minimal role in my life. I know Brooke says that we have to feel the feeling, and I understand that, but how much do I do this, and how much do I really work on changing thoughts that lead to this feeling? Hope this makes sense.

To clarify, Brooke says she decided to go on a worry-free diet – not allow herself to worry about her business. She asks the client (in the video) whether she go without indecision. So, with fear, can I just decide I am done with it, that it’s an indulgent feeling and I’m going to put it aside because it doesn’t serve me? How does that go with feeling your feeling? Thanks.