I am a Coach.

I can’t decide what my niche is for the last 2 years because I am good in many areas of life & coaching. So I struggle when most experts say, choose a narrow niche. Then other teachers say, you don’t need a niche in the beginning of your journey as a coach.

Then I decide, I will be successful with a niche or without it.

Recently I decided (or think that I decided) to prepare a Webinar “How to achieve any goal”. But my son got sick, I lost some days and now I have another thought to do another Webinar “how to find/attract your love partner”.

Why can’t I stick to my thoughts and decisions?

Or is the last one better?

Why do I doubt and self-doubt so often?

I want to move forward with my coaching business. But I go back and forth…

When I feel that I am ready and unstoppable, I feel I can do anything and I will succeed.

But a few days later, doubts creep in, other obstacles come in etc…

So I do not move forward. I stay in the same place. Undecided.

Thank you for your help.