Confusion/clarity on spiritual beliefs

Hello there, I am confused about how the model and thoughts fit in with spiritual beliefs…..I was doing the work of spiritual meditative counseling….When an issue comes up, you go to the root cause and do meditative work with your higher self to shift ….you work with the younger parts of yourself and help them heal from the past, you feel your feelings meditatively, you can let people know how they hurt you and what they did, how they did it, and how it made you feel…….Feeling the feelings is instrumental in healing in my opinion… ………could you assist me with this example:
Spiritual Model
C-did’t get hired
T-I can’t believe he didn’t hire me after what I did for them, did he not like my presentation, he’s an asshole
F-angry and less than
A- Do the spiritual meditative work to see the root cause of these feelings, Feel them by crying it out and comforting younger parts.(meditatively)
R-…. RELEASE it all..
Intentional Model
C-Didn’t get hired
T- what I do is not really in alignment with who he is…..Something better will present itself. (This thought would not be possible without the spiritual work)
F-true to myself and confident in what I offer
A-keep moving forward looking for more engagements
R-find another engagement that is in alignment with who I am
If I didn’t do the spiritual work and feel the feelings I don’t know if I can arrive at a better thought and feel truly shifted………..
Does this make sense?? I feel conflicted about how this relates? Thank you for any insight you may have….