Connected to my in-laws (part 2)

The response to my question about in-laws was so amazing, thank you. The last question was, “How will your curiosity and fascination be advantageous to you as you learn how to live near your in-laws?” This is the exact skill I most want to work on as a coach. What an amazing opportunity I will have when they move to watch my own brain as I interact with these people!

Another part of the reply was, “Know that taking the “should” out of the relationship equation will release any pressure you feel. Explore your judgment and question it. That will give you more important information.”

The should’s I’ve been running on are…
• We should get each other’s sense of humor
• We should have the same interests
• We should agree on boundaries
• I shouldn’t have to say no
• My MIL should not repeat things or contradict herself
• They shouldn’t want to spend too much time with my kids
• My FIL shouldn’t be too eager about spending time with us
• My FIL shouldn’t talk to my husband when the kids or I need his attention
• They should give us clear travel plans significantly in advance

I’d love your help with how to explore these more deeply. I can see them now, but they still feel pretty real to me.