Connecting with people

Aha moment when journaling today. I’ve always felt disconnected like I don’t belong anywhere. I realize that the belief I have about myself, “I don’t connect with people” is just a thought I’ve held on to like it’s just part of my DNA. I’m excited to let it go and pick up new beliefs that allow me to connect with myself and others. I know what I want my result to be but am struggling to come up with a thought that gets me there. Any suggestions?

C: my relationships with other people
T: I don’t connect with people
F: broken
A: disengage w/people when I’m physical with them, don’t act on impulses to reach out by phone/text/mail, withhold communication with family/friends – think, “I’ll do it later” then never do, communicate with an agenda, judge others actions when I do communicate
R: I don’t connect with people

C: same
T: ??
F: connected OR genuine
A: act on thoughts to connect, practice connection thoughts daily, love myself, engage in conversations with curiosity & love, ask questions when talking to others, listen to others, reach out to people in my life regularly, call, text, write letters
R: I experience life authentically connected to myself and people in my world