Connection between obligated and guilty

I noticed that a majority of my feelings on a daily basis are (among other F’s) obligated and guilty.

Obligated is usually coming from thoughts starting with, “I have to… I need to be doing… …or else…” (focusing on the present or future)
Guilty is usually coming from thoughts starting with, “I should have… I didn’t…” (focusing on the past)

From an expert coach’s perspective, I’m wondering what your take on the relationship between these two emotions/the sentences causing them are.

My take is that they are related because I am very judgmental of myself, constantly judging myself for what I have done, what I am doing now, and what I will do, past, present, and future, and it’s an unquestioned (until now) practiced set of thoughts that have gotten me a majority of results I’ve created in my life at the present moment. Not the greatest fuel, but the fuel I’ve used nonetheless.