Connection, emotional abuse, and not liking my dad


I am a bit confused about the situations coached in Jody’s last coaching call.

I related totally to the first person who was abused by her dad and felt the need to connect to her mother, as well as the need to take time away to process the pain.

Also, Brooke talked in the connection call about what true connection is : being secure, part of a tribe, not people pleasing, which is the opposite of my relationship with my father.

I have kind of compassion for my parents as I know why they were emotionally abusive. I don’t want to confront my father about what he did to me.

But I can’t find a true happiness right now to talk to him, I feel like a robot playing a role. I just don’t want to see him often. I prefer to focus on my children and my husband, and my recovery.

I have the feeling that we are somewhat “obliged” to love our parents, and that there is a contradictory message between the fact that we can choose our connections and that we should love everybody; I don’t see how I could ever be connected to my father after 25 years of abuse. I just want to be at peace and love the person I choose to love.

Thank you for your insight.