Connection Homework – Stress

I’ve found this months homework to be very challenging. I think my definition of connection (someone I’m very close to) may have gotten in the way of how I completed the week. I have not given detailed answers as per the homework because I can’t find anything detailed to explain. I’ve noticed that this homework is stressing me out a bit (like math used to stress me out) and I just want it to be done. I feel guilty for not having more to say and think I am doing it wrong. Yes many models here!
C: March homework
T: this is too hard
F: guilty
A: avoid doing homework, buffer with food, other projects, social media, etc
R: not putting effort into the homework

I can see how I can change the model but I’m trying to dig deeper and figure out why my brain is taking me in this negative direction . What questions should I be asking myself? What else should I look at in my life?