Connection Week 4 Day 4 Homework- How we want our significant relationship to be

I’m struggling to get started with this because I am supposed to write about how I want the most significant relationship to be and all the want matches we will have and also how I will love them for being themselves and not try to change them. I’m confused because this automatically makes me want to write about my dream relationship with a guy and Brooke has mentioned how our husband can’t meet ALL of our want matches for us and we often want them to.

But this homework also says to write how we want it to be. So I’m stuck between idealism and realism and asking myself what I could and could not expect from someone. Because what comes up for me is someone who meets quite a big list of my want matches, maybe minus 2 or 3, but I thought we can’t expect our husband (or here, theoretically future husband) to meet so many of our want matches. Because, of course, I could love him for being himself if he met so many of those wants for me! That would be so easy, lol.

So I am confused on how the HW should actually be..