Connections Homework – Past Hurts

I am working on the Connections Homework ( week 1, day 5 – did you learn anything in your childhood that needs to be healed?) One of them, I still cringe and try to push away when I think about it even at 51 years old! Before now, I had the impression that SCS teaches to not focus on the past because it happened and because it did, it was meant to happen that way.

However, looking at the Connections homework, it seems it is promoting me to heal it and am wondering if you can help me do an IM on it.

Granted, this happened in middle school, but here goes:

C- Female classmate delivered a love letter to me saying it was from a boy I met at her birthday party and later revealed it was all a joke.
T- It was stupid for me to ever believe that a cute boy could actually like me.
F – Humiliated
A- hard to remember back then exactly what I did but I remember beating myself up that I actually thought a cute boy might like me and thus hurting my self- confidence, avoiding this girl, acted mad at her, used evidence to believe I was not attractive to cute boys.
R- believed that I was not good enough for a cute boy to like me.

Can you help me with this UM and help me create a IM? Thanks in advance for your help!