Consciousness Worsens My Feelings

I am working with the urge jar to overcome my overeating habit. I have 32 pounds to lose.
I regularly, without fail, have every single day around 8am an urging thought of ‘I want it’ that relates to eating a bagel.
Here’s what this model looks like:

C: Morning
T: I want a bagel
F: Desire
A: Eat a bagel
R: Desire is satisfied

Since bagels cause me to gain weight, I want to consciously choose to exclude them but when I do an intentional model, it causes me to feel negative.

C: I want a bagel is a thought that I have now
T: You are not getting any bagel
F: Missing Out, Dissatisfaction
A: Rebel and eat anyway / Buy something online / Wait for my next meal impatiently (one of these three scenarios happen)
R: Feel good (if I ate anyway) / Get a reward from another resource (if I bought something online) / Stay irritated until the next meal (If I don’t eat and wait)

Consciousness then worsens how I feel. What model will make me feel better than desire?