Considering Referring A Friend

Dear Brooke,

I am a scholar for 11 months and have transformed my life through this work.
Last week I heard from friends of ours that their 22-years-old son has got caught using and selling marijuana and will be facing charges.
In addition, they found out that he was buying drugs for his bi-polar problem and over-medicated himself, alongside overdrinking. A real party he caused in his brain!
The parents took him back home under their roof, he dropped out of college, and force him to attend NA meetings. They are thinking of sending him to some rehab, locked program for a month or two.

I thought SCS might be a better option. An option that goes way passed the old-school mentality of labeling and dis-empowering people.
I want to let them know that there is such a profound program, but I think their concern is that SCS requires the person to do the work on their own with no supervision, and they don’t count on him being at home and actually doing that.
In my mind, they have nothing to lose.
Do you think he could be a good fit to be a scholar, and if so, in what way can he increase his chances for success?