Consistency and Commitment

Hi Brooke.
I have been trying to use the tools and am happy with some of my progress. However, I struggle with consistency and commitment. Then I spiral into quantifying how many years I have been “trying” so hard to be consistent and commit, and have not been successful. Then I feel frustrated and defeated. My biggest challenge is the overdrinking. I have listened to the Podcasts. I am doing models. I am on track, then fall off. I have listened to other Podcasts as well (Acceptance vs. Giving up, Protocol, etc.). It seems once I start, I have a challenge stopping. I go into the “living in the moment”, “I deserve this”, “I need this mentality”. Then, I do on Autopilot and don’t listen to my goals or use the tools. In fact, I just quit observing. This is combined with the fact that I went through a terrible heart break that has taken a long ass time to get over! I appreciate any help!