Consistent anxiety

Hi Brooke,

I recently watched your Module about accepting negative emotions 50% of the time, and making space for them. I loved it because it’s helped me drop some of the resistance. I find myself experiencing anxiety pretty consistently, especially when I’m faced with thinking in even the slightest way about the business I want to create.

You mention not to take action from a place of fear/negative emotion, but I’m pretty constantly in fear/anxiety when it comes to building a business or making a decision about it. What should I do? I’m trying to not fight or try and get rid of the anxiety (or should I be trying to do so?) but also feel paralyzed to actually take a step when I’m so afraid, so it feels like a lose-lose. I can’t seem to reconcile allowing my emotions (anxiety) in and trying to push past them to actually get things done. Thanks for your guidance.