Consistently Deviated

I have an eating protocol that excludes sugar and flour but then I have bread
I write my protocol the morning of but then like this morning after I wrote it all out I went to the kitchen and made bread with butter
I then had sausage which also isn’t on my protocol and just had steak for dinner which also wasn’t
When I follow it I love the weight loss but lately I haven’t been following it
I want to generate the FEELING I need to stick to it

C – a new day
T – I can do this
F-deprived I have to follow something so strict
A- deviate from my plan
R- frustrated can’t follow my plan

C -a new day
T-I want to follow my protocol
A-stick to my protocol, allow urges, allow discomfort, reframe deprivation
R- I follow my protocol and release weight

not sure what FEELING I need to generate to move through this OR if I need to allow sugar and flour BUT I love how I feel when I’m off of it long term