Constant Debt

A few months ago I committed to a goal of paying off a small debt – approx $1000. My goal was to achieve that goal in 3 months. I’m on Mat leave for money is tight but I was committed. Well…. I achieved it! Yeah. Right! Not really. As I was writing down my goal and made the conscious decision to achieve it, I was aware of my underlining thought (Or subconscious thought – or whatever thought. I just know it was there) Anyway, the thought was “What’s the point, you’re just gonna accumulate another debt and even more.” Well, Hello! Here I am again in debt and this time a little more than a $1000. So, I did a thought download and discovered many negative thoughts I have about money. The thoughts were the popular ones that most are aware of and more. I also discovered I am more like my mother than I’d like to be. I am dependant on my husband and I also have an enabler in my family whom I depend on. I have never relied on myself to be an earner. Now that I have 2 children I have never been so conscious of money; how I spend it, how I earn it and how much I earn. This thought has kept me either in constant debt or no debt, but no money in the bank. Now that I am aware of of all the negative thoughts I have about money and I have the thought that I am not worth enough to have money – The Capacity to Have, what is a neutral thought I can start with so I can transition into having more useful thoughts about money?