Constantly feeling angry about little things

Lately I find myself being angry about so many little things. I was wondering if you have any advice.

Here’s an example of a situation:

C: Boyfriend tells me that his mom keeps asking when I’ll come over again
T: I wish they were more like my own family who are much less demanding
F: Anger
A: Express annoyance and anger to my boyfriend that my own family hasn’t even asked me this (especially considering COVID-19) and that I don’t know when I will have time
R: Even though my boyfriend seemed to be relatively understanding, I end up in this constant anger in my head that his family has a completely different expectation than I have of how much time we should be spending together and that I now don’t want to go anymore at all.

His brother’s girlfriend seems to be best friends with his mom, and sometimes I’m getting the impression that she wants to force the same kind of relationship with me. Then again, I feel like I might be making a bigger deal of it in my head than it is and that she’s just excited to see me and not aware that some of her texts and invitations are coming across as forced to me.

I have other situations like this too that seem relatively small but I experience so much anger looping about it in my head. I struggle a lot with anxiety too, and sometimes I wonder if the anger is just a coping mechanism for my anxiety. It feels easier to be angry than anxious, perhaps? Any advice?