Hi Brooke,
I have been with you since March and joined for weight loss. I have had a lot of success in the last year, I have lost 30lb (still have another 50 to lose), have brought on our home renovation to a very advanced stage so that we now have a beautiful home and I have created a role for myself in my place of employment where I am paid a lot to work very flexibly and part time which works beautifully as I also like to be with my two children from school pick up time until they go to bed.
This role is a great one but really my dream is to go into coaching and get certified. I am certain this will also work out very well for me.
I have had to double down on weight loss since before Christmas as I chose to go off protocol to a large degree as I was concentrating on work and home. It was a choice and I see it that way. Losing weight however, is now my absolute priority. So, should I go all in on weight and plan to start coaching in the latter part of the year? I have listened back to the constraint podcast and the answer is coming as yes – that’s what to do.
What do you think?