Hi, Brooke.
I’m struggling with constraint. I just re-listened to your episode on constraint. I’m so eager to expand my current business (and working on my thinking to get there), but I’m struggling with overwhelm. I’m not an inconsistent under achiever – it’s not as if I can’t get anything done, but as I move into areas of expansion – out of my comfort zone – I buzz about. I work full-time, full-time doctorate student and trying to lose weight. I’m also a mother of young children and married. I have this thought that if I don’t push myself to get it done no matter what, life will continue to roll along and I won’t ever get to my big goals. Intellectually I know this is ridiculous and that constraint leads to a better experience in getting to my goals. I just feel my mind spinning. Any intentional thoughts you can provide would be so appreciated. Thanks so much.