Constraint and solid goal

I just finished the How to Feel Better series and I have a question about the outcome I want. I want to focus on taking responsibility for having my feelings for 90 days. It seems vague so the goal became to ONLY focus on that one area of my life.

I’m always focusing on water, the gym, eating, weight, and all of that everyday. My brain however is having objections about the constraint already… shocking, I know! I’m wanting to be advised on if this goal is substantial or a perfectionist fantasy. Constraint is not a skill I already have so it seems to me like I am after constraint and allowing feelings. I need help to simplify.

Some of the thing on my to-dos for this goal are thing that need to done daily like practicing intentional thoughts, a thought download, and model. Some are recurring for the week like worksheets on awareness. I also want to do study halls to review what I have learned. For this to be complete for me, I would need to do all the things on my list. Since a lot of them are recurring, it feels like a perfectionist fantasy.

Also, when it comes to only focusing on one area, does that mean that I don’t allow myself to go the gym anymore or can I just decide I want to go?

I have spent so long beating myself up about this checklist perfectionism that I don’t complete it. It just sounds impossible to drop it. It sounds like restriction and I learned in coaching that restriction doesn’t work. I know that I am really indulging in confusion, but I am not there yet to not do so.