Constraint and VIP

So I turned VIP this month. Yay….

Most of my adult life has been a study and focus on my body and diets working out. Perhaps to the extreme, it has been a main focus love and probably a distraction. I still would like to lose more body fat, but I also feel like I need to focus on business and making money. (more important) I made my impossible goal making money and selling my business, I resist. I would rather work on other things, scholars, organizing and weight loss. I have currently 6 plus pages of to dos I am having a difficult time getting thru even scheduling all those necessary tasks. Now I just got access to the mastermind weight loss program and I didn’t get thru all of the weight loss stuff from regular scholars. (I’m up to the webinars.) I am dying to start the mastermind weight loss program. Not to mention all the wonderful books sent from Brookes favorites. mmmmmmmmmm

I know we’re supposed to constrain to the 1 impossible goal and this month my focus, selling my biz , BUT what if I really want to look at the mastermind. I know I probably need money and entrepreneur more. I also start coach training in April. I wanted to pick something other then dieting for a niche because I want to be thinking about more then shrinking my body and helping others do the same, but I do find the resisting urges and who I became thru the weight loss work worthy.

Help I would love to stop time, stay in my pjs for 3-6 weeks or more and do all the courses on here, then clean and Kondo my house, but need to be a mom, make money, and support my son and my life.

Can you help me resolve this?