Constraint as a practice

I feel like I’ve been narrowing down more than constraining over the last six months. I feel a deep fear inside when I pick just one thing at a time. I had hundreds of things when I started Scholars in March and now I’m down to just a few things. It feels like some sort of weird survival mechanism to have multiple options at all times. But… I know intellectually it doesn’t work. And I can see it not working in my life. I did do a lot of unsubscribing, setting projects aside, saying no to new courses when the old ones weren’t done, only having one audible book at a time on my phone, but I still have this feeling of “I’m going to die” and panic when I think about picking one business, one project, one subject to study… But maybe I’m not picking the right things? Like… I had multiple business ideas and then when I realized how much work it took to make a business work and I asked myself, “if I could make a million dollars doing this, which one would I pick” I thought…. ugh… I don’t want to put in the work to do any of these. Can’t I just do something more fun? I also feel like I’m very unclear on what I even like to do. It’s like I can’t even remember. I’m way less fragmented than when I started, is this a practice or am I way off here somewhere?