Constraint – choose one goal and forget the others? Don’t want that, so what to do?

Hi, I have been working on a vision of where I want to be in 10 years’ time. This includes:
-My coaching business (I’m currently in CCP and don’t have a business yet), I have been specific here stating the income I want, what my coaching business would look like (e.g. a membership program including 1-1 and group coaching, community platform, a podcast, published a book) although I need more work on my niche.
-Where I want out family to live/our house/our car (I really went specific, visualizing the house, the car etc.)
-Vacations we want to take (I’ve got a list of destinations)
-Financial goals (be debt free and the income I want to make in 10 years)
-Health goals (what I would be doing daily, and 4 yearly triathlons I would do)
-The kind of parent and wife and daughter I want to be, how I want to spend time with specific family members regularly, etc.

I have begun to go specific on some of these as you can see, although I am sure I could be even more specific.  I allowed myself to ‘dream big’. When I look at my list on paper which includes even more than what I have written up there, I think ‘Yes, it IS possible’ even if it is a lot and is ambitious.

So I have read, from multiple sources, that constraint is necessary in achieving big goals.  The most compelling goal to me from my list is the coaching business.  So if I choose that, does that mean I have to forget about the others?  I don’t want that because my family, vacations, health and my living environment are very important to me too.  But they all take up time.
With three young kids it’s not like I have loads of time available.  Because I am not currently earning, I can’t spend money on people who can take over certain tasks for me.

So what do I do? Constrain one and break it down into mini-steps? Choose several and focus on mini-steps?  Is there an SCS module that helps with this?  Thank you.