Constraint Didn’t Help

I decided to focus on getting really fit after losing 40 pounds since I joined SCS (!)
After few weeks of not really working out, kinda working out I said, OK, let’s use the constraint method, choose workouts I can actually see myself doing, schedule, and simplify.
So my workout protocol included: Running three times per week, doing yoga twice a week, and gym twice a week.
So this covers seven days and always in the morning.
I scheduled these in my calendar and planned to start this morning with my first run.

Yesterday I was very excited and saw myself physically enjoying the run and within few weeks a stronger and fitter body.
But this morning I found all the evidence for why I probably took on too much. My body will not take it. I should start with maybe one workout per week. I was never the athletic type. Anyway, it’s already 75 degrees outside and humid.

So I didn’t run. Instead I made myself a cup of coffee and felt disappointed of myself.
Was I doing the fitness constraint protocol wrongly?