Constraint | DMWC

Hello! I am working on the Week 3 work and also working to apply the principle of constraint / plan the next 3 months (working to learn / apply the 90-day goal concept). I think one of the emotions I indulge in the most is overwhelm, and I notice my brain going there as I try to constrain down (and this has also always been a topic I indulge in confusion around – perhaps from lack of fully understanding – my brain just goes to “How can I just focus on one thing and not anything else? Other things need to be done too.” I know that’s a thought and it’s optional. And on some level I get that the one thing is your priority and you can still do other things. But I’m still figuring out exactly what that looks like and means for me.)

Anyways – this is my question – when you pick ONE thing – truly – do you ever have like one business thing and one personal thing? Or is that two things? In my mind, I feel like I have work during specific hours – I’m going to coach training in a couple weeks and I’ll have designated hours I’m working and designated things I’m working on – at least that is the end goal. And obviously one thing I would be working on at a time there – specifically right now the step I’m working to figure out is niche. But then I’m not going to be working all the time – hopefully no more than 15-20 hours a week. So is it against the principle of constraint to also have a personal thing? Like I have been working this whole year on getting my home more minimalized and learning how to use my calendar better and working on building structure and order into my daily routine and practicing sticking to what I say I’ll do…getting better with my time. I definitely want to prioritize building my business, but I think if I could only choose one thing, I really want to finish my home organization goal.

I want my house clean and organized, with everything having a place, no clutter, nothing where it doesn’t belong. I want to get rid of anything we don’t use, value, or love. And I want to have routines in place to help me keep a well-run home. I want to have regular and consistent sleep and wake times to support me. I have specific habits I’d like to develop over the course of the next few months. I’d love to read the Habit Stacking book again, slower this time, and apply it gradually throughout the rest of the year with routine development. And I’d like for our home to be completely ready for baby to come (due December). Baby room done. Clothes ready. Baby books read / routine ideas for first few months considered. Know what I want in terms of my day, follow through on it, have my own back, and be good about communicating to my husband what it is I want and what my plans are. I want to feel like I have plenty of time to do everything that I want to do. I want to be focused and go to work during work hours. And then leave work at work and make sure family and me time stays priority. I want to recognize my own accomplishments and my own value. I want to feel good and accomplished and grateful at the end of every day. I want to like who I’m BEing regardless of what I am doing. And I feel like working on all of this also supports me in business, as the more ordered my home and personal life and mind is, the more ordered I can be in running a business.

Given all of this, could you provide your thoughts on what the principle of constraint might look for me? Is it that I would make my home goal number 1 priority, plan that out and prioritize it first and then business priority 2? Or how do you recommend I frame this in my mind? I want to feel like I’m really clear about this principle of constraint, and I refuse to get stuck in “I don’t know” or overwhelm. I’m figuring it out. 🙂

Thanks much!