Constraint during non-routine moments

Thank you so much for putting your work in the world! I am in my second month of scholars and I am in awe of the changes I am making in my life!

As I reflect on my progress, I notice that I am succeeding in following my protocol and managing my mind when I am in my routine. Thankfully, the majority of my life is routine! But I am motivated to reach for the next level, and manage my mind in non-routine moments. A non-routine moment could be anything from a large family gathering, going out to eat, even cooking a healthy (but not routine) meal for my family. It is as if my mind get swept away by a giant wave. And I just ride through the wave. When I come out on the other side of the moment, I wonder why I let my mind run wild? And I am curious about why my mind runs wild in certain moments but is well-managed at other times.

Thank you for your consideration. Have a fabulous day!