Constraint for April

This is my first month with SCS and I am already super impressed with the number of calls scheduled and workbook for the month. Compared to so many of the other programs and things I’ve tried, this is truly overdelivering on my expectations. Thank you!

I have a question on the monthly assignment for April. I have a longer term goal to becoming a certified coach in a year (or be well on my way.) I have already listed out steps to achieve that goal (research certification programs, interview coaches and coachees to understand the industry better, consume podcasts and blogs on coaching, learn to coach myself first, enroll in a certification course, potentially restructure my job at work so that it involves more coaching so I can practice…) Right now I’m on research and learning to coach myself, so signing up for SCS is part of my massive action plan. For me, this goal of becoming a certified coach is too big for a month, but my current focus of doing the SCS coursework is also not enough and weirdly meta. Should I pick something additional to focus on? Thank you for your support!