Constraint/ Priorities

OMG!!! Can I tell you, I can’t wait for this new May weekly mini coaching session feature to start….

I have 2 business with their own goals, a body that is overweight and losing postural integrity with it’s own goals, and a desire to start dating again, with it’s own goals, plus a house that sometimes doesn’t get the attention that it needs with it’s own goals.

When I focus my attention on my business goals, I hit them every damn week. I made 11K in a single month in March, hired an editor, and literally blew my own mind… but then I wasn’t as diligent about my body, my house, and because my time was not spent prepping food, my protocol was not ideal. Never even made it down the list to the dating side.

Then the next month I switched my goal to focusing on my body and mind, my protocol is on point, I am scheduling sessions with my amazeballs pilates trainer to heal the parts of my body that are in pain, it’s all great stuff… but business starts to get behind, and I find myself working later and later in the day to catch up….

I want to believe the thought, “I am frekaing wonder woman, I can have and do it all!” But the fact is, that I think constraint is pretty important. And I don’t know how to constrain between these goals. They are all so important to me. I keep thinking, “Start with your body and mind, a healthy, happy, balanced instrument can rock all other goals like a boss.”

Does anyone else have this struggle? Where am I going wrong? Do I need to work more on believing I am wonder woman? Or do I really need to constrain? I want to commit like a maniac. I also don’t want to “give up” on certain goals at the expense of others. I feel really accomplished and good when I have a lot on my plate, but I also feel more grounded and healthy when I parcel it out a little. (Both physically in my body, and in the feelings that my thoughts are creating)

Thanks for your help!!