Constraint + self-improvement TZV

I’ve been in SCS since September, and dedicated most of the months to improving my business. I’ve taken more action in the past 6 months for my business than I had in the previous 6 YEARS! My impossible goal is to make 200k in 2018, and I’ve been doing the 25 fails to help make that happen. I feel like it’s just a matter of putting in the work. Failing, taking massive action, doing continued thought work and I can reach this goal. However – I’m not currently on track, income wise, to achieve it, but I have brought on new clients and am doing the work daily. To account for this – instead of making 200k divided by 12 months, I’m going to increase my income each month to hit the goal by Dec 31.

That being said, for many months now, I’ve been interested/considering starting the stop overeating program. I’d like to lose 30lbs and cut out flour and sugar. I feel like the message I’m getting from SCS is constrain. Do one thing. Achieve it. Once you have, THEN, Start the next program. So, I have not taken action to start this program. And, in a lot of ways, I’ve been telling myself it’s okay to keep eating flour and sugar because that’s not the goal I’m working towards right now. So my eating habits have stayed the same.

But, I feel myself getting frustrated. I have thoughts like, “I’m going to be 30lbs overweight for the rest of the year now, because I can’t work 2 massive goals at once.”

I’d love some advice on how to proceed!