Constraint vs Going For It

Over the past 4 days I’ve received emails and phone calls about amazing money making opportunities doing with what I love with private coaching clients and a corporate wellness gig. I facilitate a Mastermind group and am planning my next launch for August for a new mastermind group. I am writing 2 cookbook manuscripts. I want to show myself what is possible.

C: new opportunities
T: it’s too much to do. I’m supposed to constrain
F: confused and sad
A: I don’t take advantage of the opportunities
R: I miss the opportunities and play small

C: new opportunities
T: I love this work and I can do it by managing my mind and my time efficiently and effectively
F: excited to learn about myself
A: accept opportunities
R: I blow my own damn mind. I show myself what’s possible.

Is constraint recommended with this situation? I have an emptying nest and less time demands from family. I’ve been focusing on abundance. I’ve waited for opportunities to share my value. I feel ready to break through the comfort barrier.