Constraint with Time | DMWC

Time management – building routine and structure and getting better at sticking to it – has been my focus since I joined Scholars in January. As such I am SUPER excited for this month. I’ve already made a lot of progress since joining. Gone from no morning routine to getting up just before 5 AM every day and taking 2 hours for myself and work I want to do. Getting better at structuring my day / being intentional with my time, and made a lot of progress on having a evening routine and established bedtime. Helping me very much with parenting two young children also. Now, I have followed the instruction with picking a goal for April (finishing a productivity course I started a couple months ago), and I have taken the time over the past weekend to schedule everything out I need to do to finish by the end of the month (with a few extra days to spare just in case there is an unexpected delay 🙂 ). My current thought pattern with time is “I want to do things the way I want to do them, no matter how long it takes.” I have always been super focused on quality, often to the detriment of my sleep and personal self-care. I’m over those results (though quality is, admittedly, still very important to me) and want to develop the mentality you have described of doing things in the amount of time I say they will take. I am making progress – as an example – I am getting MANY more things done on the day I say I will, regardless of how I feel, no matter what – than has ever been the case the rest of my life. But I am not to the point of “This will take x long, no matter what.” Especially with the variable of young kids and circumstances there sometimes changing my plan. So, my question..would you recommend focusing on just stopping when my allotted time is up whether I finish or not, and then rescheduling it another day? Or what would you recommend to help me make this mental shift? TIA.

P.S. Loved the first podcast assigned on making time!! Thanks for everything you’ve made available to us here. I LOVE it. <3