Consuming and not “producing”

Hi Brooke,

Oh my gosh, I am just blown away by all the content you provide! I just became a VIP member and am watching the Overeating Masterclass and using my new model pad and, well, it’s all amazing! So first, I want to say thank you and how happy I am that I am a member of Scholars.

Over the past month, I have been doing the work and, while I haven’t produced hard core “results” in the form of weight loss or increased revenue, I have done so much work on my thinking and feel myself transformed in the sense that I am so much more aware and intentional with my thoughts. I am looking forward to the next six months where I think I will be able to now apply my thinking to see more concrete results.

What I’m noticing, however, is that I am consuming a lot and then feeling guilty that it’s not resulting in something more concrete. I’m trying and every day apply the model and, as I stated, I am getting better at it; but I feel badly that I am not “further along” in my results. I’m unsure if I am buffering with the material or if it’s just taking me “longer” because I am not applying the model as consistently as I should throughout the day. I feel good about the results in terms of my overall awareness but then beat myself up for not producing more and worry that I am just consuming.

C: Material/Content
T: I am just consuming and not applying enough
F: Guilty/embarrassed
A: Beat myself up for it
R:Don’t apply the model

C: Material/Content
T: I am learning how to apply it more consistently
F: Patient
A: Apply model all the time, not just in the morning
R: Eventually see more external results