Contradicting thoughts

Hi Brooke! So grateful for all the work you and your team do!

Three years ago I had my son, and soon after left my job to stay home with him. I was very proud of my career, and loved working before him. Recently I decided to start my own business to accommodate being a mom and a professional. I have set pretty high goals for myself regarding my business. My husband is doing pretty great financially, and can take care of me and my son. I have a strong belief that I can achieve my goals. However, the thought that I do not need to work because my husband will provide for us, is constantly running in the background. I loose my drive to get out there and get things done because I know that I am safe financially. But the thought that I am not proud of myself professionally has me depressed adm anxious. Could you please recommend a way to deal with these two contradicting thoughts?

Thank you!