Control + uncertainty

I have been doing some work around control and uncertainty lately.

Do you have any recommendations of certain scholars content that might be beneficial?

I’ve been working on what truly is vs. isn’t in my control, why I want/seek control, what is the worst case scenario if I don’t “have” control or feel in control, why I feel afraid if I don’t have control, why I have such a problem with uncertainty, etc.

My plan right now is to put uncertainty, certainty, control, out of control in the C line and do a thought download and models to see what comes up.

I will also be doing thought downloads around the worst case scenarios I fear will happen if I don’t have certainty but feel that I “need” it, and also if I don’t have control but feel that I “need” it.

I think this is a solid start but I always love taking my work deeper! Would love any recommendations. Thanks coaches!