Conversation about where to spend the holidays

I feel frustrated that my partner wants to spend every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve with his family. He’s never spent Thanksgiving with my side of the family and only once for Christmas Eve. What bothers me is that he is not willing to compromise in terms of us spending the holidays with both sides of the family by alternating or coming up with ways that makes us both happy. I also communicated that I am okay with traveling during the holidays but he doesn’t want to. I get angry because I find it to be unfair. I do respect that spending these holidays with his family is important, but at the same time, if we are planning to get married, how can we meet in the middle so that we both get what we want? He is accustomed to his family coming over to his house (which will now be our home) every year and I am not comfortable with that idea. Do I just accept it and let it go? I understand that it is my thoughts about him choosing to want to spend it with his family and not me and my family. How can I see this situation differently? Thank you for your coaching on this!