Conversations with Boss

I’m having a hard time relaxing and enjoying the weekend. I have reoccurring thoughts about the conversations with my boss that end up in attacks, judgement, and defensiveness. I’d really not like to think about these conversations especially outside of work .

When I do think about these conversations or anything related to work such as a project I’m working on, I feel an extreme wave of anxiety anticipating that each conversation will end up badly. I’m done feeling this anxiety, it’s not serving me.

The conversations are usually about me having to do better. Even when I provide evidence to my boss that I’ve been doing things to do better, I don’t think my boss heard me. So there’s a disconnect in the conversation. Do I sit there and say nothing as I’m told I need to do better each time I meet with my boss ? I make the conversation mean that I’m not doing a good job, I need to give up, I can’t win.

Should I question why this topic is brought up ? Should I be confused and ask my boss ‘I don’t know what you mean when you say ‘ You need to do better’, can you help me out ? What is one thing you’d like me to be better at? ‘.