Conversations with my son

Hi Brooke! This is my second month in scholars and I find myself “sweeping things under the rug” or not doing the homework because I seem to tell myself “its just my thoughts” when something happens or bothers. I’m starting to wonder if that is a coping mechanism.

I am still struggling in my relationship with my son. We do not seem to communicate unless he is asking for something or I am telling him to do something. I get extremely annoyed with him because he seems to come across as entitled most of the time. But in my thought download today, I realized that I must come across the same way. I did try to complete the unintentional model-
C- conversations with son
T- he only talks to me when we wants or needs something
F- annoyed
A- snap at him, don’t fully listen, don’t actually commubicate
R- tense relationship

When I tried to complete the intentional model, i cannot seem to name the feeling. Is aware a feeling?

Do you have any advice on how to have communicate better with a teen when you both have needs that want to be met? Thanks!