Convince The Urging Thoughts Otherwise

I am two months here and joined in order to lose weight.
I watched the entire Stop Overeating as well as the Stop Overdrinking workshops and I find this particular problem that I have, day after day:

I do not have so much problem with the physical vibration of an urge to overeat. I have a difficulty to answer the urging thought in a controlled way that will give me the result I want, i.e., stay on protocol.

So if I understand correctly, the skill here is how do I answer back to my lower brain. Or, how do I get my prefrontal cortex to ‘win’ the argument of the lower brain.

I have created myself focus thoughts and lists of arguments that seems very powerful when I read them when I don’t have an urging thought, but in the moment, when I have this thought (I want it, I’ll start tomorrow, oh, just one more), I read them to myself but my lower brain is not convinced.

How do you get better or what should I do differently to be more convincing in the moment?