Convoluted thoughts

Hi there. I am stuck in a thought. I am doing the model and I seem to be going around in circles so perhaps I am making a mistake somewhere. I had made the decision to sell my car so I can make a deposit on the coach training here or invest in a venture that can return about $1000 per month.

Alternatively, I made an investment in an asset with my husband which he is trying to sell to refund my portion. If I sell this one I can pay the coaching in full. The challenge is I do not know when it will sell because he has control over it. I am afraid I might miss the March coach training. I would like to do the training then so that I can be able to earn as quickly as possible. I am tired of being broke.

If I make the deposit of one month after selling the car I am locking in for March and I am positive he will have sold by April so I can pay in full.

Meanwhile that extra $1000 would come in very handy but it’s still not enough to top up on what I make now to be able to cover for coach training.

Normally my taxes will get me 2 month’s payment for coach training come March. So I can anticipate that.

Do I have more than one model going on?

C – Selling car
T – My husband was against it because he doesn’t want the pressure of buying me one. I bought this one myself. I will be inconvenienced without a car and he will probably rub it in. So I am anticipating his negative reaction. I will not be able to buy myself a car for at least one year.
F – Anxious, indecisive, a little frustrated
A – procrastination of decision
R – I am now lying to people that the car is not available because I cannot make a decision

I have listened to the podcast on ‘Contrast of Thought’ and I am failing to three better feeling thoughts. I am so confused as you can see.

How can you help?