Cookies and Protocol

I would love some help with my model.

C Following protocol, cookies in kitchen
T it doesn’t really matter if I eat the cookies
F Apathetic?
A eat five bags of cookies while on phone looking at social media, next day feel sick and think I shouldn’t have done that, workout, regret what I did
R ?

C same as above
T it does really matter if I follow my protocol
F Disciplined? Passionate? Proud?
A don’t eat the cookies, next day feel great and and proud that I didn’t eat them, physically have more energy and feel lighter
A Reinforce the belief it does really matter I follow my protocol because I feel so good.

I’m trying to reinforce the belief it does matter if I follow a protocol – I feel my best when I eat nourishing food for my body, following a protocol requires I take the time to plan and pack food for myself which is an act of self love and care, following a protocol will assist me in getting in my peak health. My health is important to me so I can feel my best and from there be the best mom and wife and live my greatest life. I feel so loving just reading these reasons.