Copyright and use of CTFAR model with my own clients

Hi Brooke,
What is the best way for me to ethically, legally and respectfully use the CTFAR model with my own clients?
I love the simplicity of your model. My coaching program had a similar one, but yours is cleaner. I always refer my clients to your website, podcast, etc. and give you credit anytime I walk them through it, pen-on-paper-in-the-moment. However, it’s probably time (long overdue) for me to develop worksheets for my own clients that have my logo on them. Sooooo…is it possible to use your model and give you FULL CREDIT for developing the model, but develop a worksheet with my logo and design? Please advise as I don’t want to do anything to disrespect you or your work. You have given so much and I want to do right by you. Make sense?

Thank you,