Core belief discovered

After much processing of the emotions of shame, guilt, embarrassment, fear, and regret I’ve made it to a place currently where I can observe a core belief I’ve grappled with my whole entire life sending me on a wild goose chase to create problems, fictitious connections, and sabotage my ability to just be.

This is the thought download I wrote down today as it came to me:

This is about my belief that it’s impossible for nothing to be wrong in my life or something needs to be changed.
Something is wrong.
Something needs to be changed.
It’s too good to be true for me to have everything I want.
What am I missing?
I’m probably missing something.

A feeling
A friendship
A connection
A romance
A part of myself

I want to believe the opposite. Nothing is wrong, everything is okay. I am allowed to love my life and not want to change anything about it. I am not hiding anything from myself about me. There is nothing wrong with me.

Can you help me bridge this gap to believing something is always wrong to finally accepting everything as is with no urge to change it or dig out something terrible about me over and over again and get rid of this scarcity mindset?