Corinne 3-2-1: Judging my Goal and my Reasons

I am working on losing weight permanently and have noticed a clear pattern when I do Corinne’s 3-2-1 morning Routine (stating goal, writing 3 reasons why it is important, 2 reasons why I am well equipped to make it happen, and 1 thing I will do today to move me towards it).

What I have noticed is that I am judging my goal and my reasons. For example, today, it looks like this:

Goal: Getting down to 155 pounds by the 16th of February
3: -because I am happier at that weight
-because I feel joy dressing up at that weight
– because that number will be proof I am moving forward
2: -I know how to analyze data
-I have started to learn how to stop in the moment
1: Today I will be kind to myself no matter what

The model looks like this:

C: writing 3 reasons why my goal is important. Not writing the same reasons as yesterday and the day before.
T: these reasons are bad
F: dissatisfied
A: do thought work, try to figure out why I spontaneously come up with reasons I question afterwards, ask myself questions like why do I need a number on the scale to prove I am moving forward, why have I not yet believed that there will be 50/50 there as it is here?
R: ? find an answer that will either justify my reasons or my goal or help me change them for tomorrow?