Corona virus–and controlling it

I’m wondering about the corona virus, if we put it in the C line, and my thought is, I’m going to protect myself, and my emotion is, motivated (or empowered) and my actions: I’m sheltering in place, social distancing, hand washing, wearing a mask, among other things, etc….and those actions lessen my worry (or maybe I’m just not a worrier to begin with) and my result is all good….but then, what about C’s and them not being in our control– then I have another thought about why am I trying to control it? I mean I know I am trying to protect/control my health but then I’m wondering how can it be that circumstances are the one thing we cannot control ? Because if I’m not careful with my mind management, it seems, I could logically find the reason to stop doing all of the above mentioned things. Your wisdom, please….