Corona Virus Fear Responsible for Employees

I live on mainland Europe where the corona virus is spreading rapidly. I’m not a pessimist, nor a ‘hysterica’, but a realist. Schools are closed, businesses closed, transport prohibited, any type of activity cancelled. etc. Many people infected, many sick, some dead. and this is just the beginning. Business are getting in (financial) trouble. We also have +100 people we have to pay a salary without any income at the moment. We’re not the only one. I’m worried, and I know that doesn’t help me. I’m not able to think positive about the consequences of this virus. Notice myself going to “what expenses can I cut?”. Also SCS.

I feel responsible for our employees, think of the families that count on them. Feel also powerless at this moment.

I have also thoughts like; Not travelling, less consuming, helps the earth; less CO2, this might be lead to a realization for many to finally change their habits.
There’s also an upside of something so devastating.

Is this a situation where thinking negative about is ‘normal’? the 50%.

C. Economical consequences Corona virus for me
T. This will be devastating
F. Powerless
A. Following the news, speaking with my sister, not painting, not following my agenda (many activities are also cancelled), thinking on how to pay our employees and other expenses
R. I’m down and out

C. Economical consequences Corona virus for me
T. Every disaster has an upside,I’ll figure it out
F. Acceptance
A. Restrain checking the news, inform me on options for employees (help from EU funds), keep myself as physically healthy as possible, prepare homeschooling..
R. Learn(ed) from exceptional situation

Thank you for any feedback