Correct result?

Hello coaches.
Working on really getting the result portion of my models and looking for your input.

It has become apparent that I have some skewed money beliefs that I am working through and this is one way in which it can show up for me. If someone tells me (or I just assume) they’ve done well financially, I find myself automatically going to a “less than” mentality that I am trying to clean up. There is an undercurrent of “not belonging” when I’m in the company of those I perceive as doing better than me financially. This is definitely something I’ve brought along from my childhood as I was one of 10, so money was understandably spread very thin and I can recall feeling less than those who could afford the things we could not. Although as an adult I realize just how difficult it must have been financially supporting that many people on 1 income, I don’t think my brain has ever let go of this feeling of “less than” in regards to financial success. I am so grateful for this work as I continue to gain awareness.

C: friend says she’s retiring in 2 years
T: She’s done so much better than I’ve done (because I am not about to retire)
F: shame
A: puff myself up by talking about travels I’ve done (not me at my best), compare myself, hide where I’m at financially, judge myself for not being further ahead, make excuses for why I’m not further ahead
R: continue to believe financial success equates to being better???

I’m not sure this result is correct. Thanks as always for your wisdom!